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Web and mobile services development
Development of Services using maps and geodata based on Mapbox, D3, reactJS, PostGIS, CesiumJS, Deck.gl and other OpenSource technologies. Includes building BackEnd architecture and API.
Here are collected our most interesting projects.

History of Russian Railways (1838 - 1930)
In this large project commissioned by Historians of the Russian Railways we put on the map a huge amount of historical data.
We have collected and mapped over 5,000 stations and more than 1,000 sections of railways with detailed historical information for each of them: by clicking on the section you can see the whole history of its development. The map also presents unique museum and archival photographs, historical information on all railways and manufacturing facilities.

Link: http://map.750mm.ru/

An interactive map with a database of social, road and infrastructure facilities, allowing you to check the premises for the possibility of obtaining a license for the sale of alcohol. Using isochronous analysis and open data, a space analysis and a preliminary risk assessment are performed.

Project closed now.

Elects - electoral campaign management
Our team advised project developers on the visualization of geodata and the development of interactive maps within a service based on MapBox technologies. The task was to realize the ability to display the routes and geolocation of volunteers as well as filtering data from vector tiles.

Link: http://elects.ru

Urban.Tech 2019: Public Transport Monitoring
The project is not an order, but was implemented as part of the Urban.Tech Moscow 2019 hackathon.
Our team had to develop a solution within three days that would enable the city dweller to view the movement of ground transport in real time to predict and optimize the waiting time of the transport. The user will be able to track the animated movement of the vehicle on the map.

You can see the result in the video.
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