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Collecting and creating datasets
Creating a datasets for your tasks by digitizing satellite images, parsing, machine learning, collecting open source data and conducting field research.

Field data collection
Within the past half year our team has collected field data for 23 districts of Moscow for several customers.
More than 50 projects were prepared, which were to go through all stages in a total of 23 districts and fix all the necessary objects: facades, parking lots, number of floors, fences, garbage bins, etc.
The screenshot shows examples of field collection results for two of the six data layers. The third slide shows a field tour data sheet whose data was transferred to the GIS.

Digitization of lawns in Moscow
The task was to digitize all green areas of Moscow using satellite imagery. Automated digitization was preliminarily carried out, which gave satisfactory accuracy for areas covered by trees, but did not work properly in areas with open lawns. We involved our GIS specialists who manually digitized the entire territory of Moscow for open lawns to solve this problem.

Creating datasets in 13 cities to analyze the urban environment
Our team was attracted to the project for editing, creating and updating datasets in 13 cities of the world, which were subsequently used as the basis for analyzing the comfort of cities. The following data were identified from satellite images: roads, building functionality, social facilities, stops, etc.

Cadastral data of the Yalta City District
Together with the ADEC architectural workshop, we were involved in editing cadastral data of the Yalta City District for landuse and building regulations of the municipality.

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